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Narvana Mason
Assistant Aerial Instructor

As a child Voni was always making up songs and baltering around the house. Her mother vividly remembers the day she saw her daughter dancing for the first time and stated aloud, “Oh no. My daughter has no rhythm.” Since then, one of Voni’s missions in life has been to prove her mother wrong. Along with her older brother and cousin, she began to dress-up and film music videos to her favorite songs, i.e. Groove Is In the Heart, U Can’t Touch This, and Pump Up The Jam.

Throughout her elementary and high school years, Voni danced and sang in various talent shows. She played Scary Spice in a performance of “Wannabe.” She also performed a dance routine to Blackstreet’s track, “Take Me There” from the popular show “Rugrats.” Around the age of 15, Voni’s interest in singing and dance began to decline as her interests in sports grew. It wasn’t until 2011, when a good friend proposed the idea of taking an aerial class, that she decided to rekindle her flame for dance.

She’s been hooked ever since! When off of the trapeze or silk, Voni enjoys reading, baking, yoga (anything athletic), traveling and spending time with her partner Simon and puppy Tonkatsu.



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