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Samadhi Hawaii was founded on Maui in 2004 by 'Ulalena original cast/aerialist Andrea Torres, with Ana Prada, Marcus Quiniones and Yayoi Hara. The Aerial Dance Company is currently located in Honolulu on the island of Oahu and has grown into the top Cirque Style Performers in the islands as well as a prospering aerial dance and acrobatic school that takes circus arts to a another level.

An Aerial Dance Performance Troupe made in Hawaii!!

Samadhi brings Aerial Artistry to Corporate Events, Stage Productions, Dance & Theatre Shows, Nightclubs, Music Awards, Private Functions, Grand Openings, Polynesian Luaus, Fundraisers, Community Festivals, etc. Both Indoor and Outdoor.
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Indian philosophy
Sanskrit Samādhi
(“total self-collectedness”), in Hindu and Buddhist religion and philosophy, the highest state of mental concentration that a person can achieve while still bound to the body and which unites him with the highest reality. Samadhi is a state of profound and utterly absorptive contemplation of the Absolute that is undisturbed by desire, anger, or any other ego-generated thought or emotion. It is a state of joyful calm, or even of rapture and beatitude, in which one maintains one’s full mental alertness and acuity. Samadhi is regarded in Hinduism and Buddhism as the climax of all spiritual and intellectual activity. The power to attain samadhi is a precondition of attaining release from the cycle of rebirths (saṃsāra). Hence the death of a person having this power is also considered a samadhi. By a further extension, the site where a person believed to be so empowered was cremated is in modern times also referred to as a samadhi; thus the site of Mohandas Gandhi’s cremation in Delhi is officially named Gandhi’s samadhi.

Samadhi Hawai'i Founders:
Andrea Torres, Ana Prada, Marcus Quiniones, Yayoi Hara

Director: Andrea Torres

Assistant Director, Youth Prep Team Director, Youth Company Director, Teen Apprentice Company Director: Nicole Young

Adult Apprentice Company Directors: Marie Takazawa, Allison Deliz, Chris Johnson, Colleen McCown

Youth Prep and Youth Company Assistant Director: Allison Deliz

Company Members: Andrea Torres, Nicole Young, Danielle Cohen, Jesa Simpkins, Marie Takazawa, Chris Johnson

Adult Apprentice Company Members: Allison Deliz, Colleen McCown, Cheryl Tamashiro, Liza Wacker, Sharlene Bliss, Codi Wong

Teen Apprentice Company Members: Alex Takemoto, Aiko Yoshikawa-Humphreys, Jordyn Hieda, Sam Wacker

Youth Company Members: Ayu Sumayasa, Emma Strawser, Lily Monaco, Maile Butcher, Mesina DiGrazia-Roberts, Miya Hieda

Youth Prep Team Members: Alexandria Tsuchiya, Camryn Pocock, Erica Lo, Ka'ili Fallau, Sophia Brege

Current Teaching Staff:
Andrea Torres, Nicole Young, Danielle Cohen, Marie Takazawa, Allison Deliz, Colleen McCown, Chris Johnson, Aurora Yokota, Sharlene Bliss, Megan Julian, Angelica Cardone, Ashley Van Horn

Guest Teachers:
Kristi Toguchi, Katie Kilway, Marcus Quiniones, Jesa Simpkins

Assistants: Aiko Yoshikawa-Humphreys, Jordyn Hieda, Samantha Wacker, Alex Takemoto, Maile Butcher

Guest Artists: Wailana Simcock, Jamie Nakama, Ana Prada,

Volary Aerial Burlesque Company: Nicole Young, Andrea Torres, Jesa Simpkins, Katie Kilway, Danielle Cohen, Fabe Gin, Wainani Hansen, Tracy Thorstad, Emily Hodges-Kant, Ashley Van Horn

Past Volary Aerial Burlesque Company and Guest Performers: Stephanie Greenspan, Kat Eilers, Chris Johnson, Allison Deliz, Aurora Yokota, Erzsi Palko, Kyle Thalman, Dr. Erik, Cocoa Chandellier & Giinko Marischino, Cherry Blossom Cabaret, Violetta Beretta. Martin Doluz

Volary Aerial Burlesque Original Cast:
Nicole Young, Andrea Torres, Jesa Simpkins, Katie Kilway, Danielle Cohen, Stephanie Greenspan, Fabe Gin, Wainani Hansen,

Past Samadhi Hawaii Youth Company: Lexee Howes, Kylee Rose Howes, Alecia Griffin, Aurora Yokota, Aviva Urbanc, Kalia Ferri, Kiriana Lawrence, Callie Shinoda, Joy Ogasawara, Hebee Olivier, Juju Cooney, Cassie Caldwell, Chayton Davenport, Justise Takasaki, Hikari Sohn, Marina Clark

Past Samadhi Hawaii Adult Apprentice Company: Kat Eilers, Dora Choy, Azure Ng, Ashley Van Horn, Santos Gomez, Nikki Gomez, Pia Lorenzo, Aki Marceau

Vayu Aerial Yoga: Ana Prada, Jesa Simpkins, Andrea Torres,

Riggers - Richard Gee, Harry Sawyer, Eric Chun

Partners in Creation- Giinko Marischino, John Signor, Taimane Gardner, Michael Gonhata

" What if..." Summer Performing Arts Program Director: Andrea Torres, John Signor

"What if..." Summer Performing Arts Program Performing Team: Primo Lagaso Goldberg, Gabriel Kapuni Goes, Hebee Olivier, Koa Yokota, Aurora Yokota

CIRC'OHANA Youth Exchange Program: Le Studio, Los Angeles, California
Director: Nathalie Gaulthier, www.lestudiola.com

CIRC'OHANA Youth Exchange Program 2011: Chayton Davenport, Primo Goldberg, Hebee Olivier, Alexandra Takemoto, Aviva Urbanc, Aurora Yokota, Koa Yokota

OHANA - past and future - Maria Alexandra, Chandra Miars, Tera Beck, Kim Breitbach, Raymond Silos, Luis Silos, Abby Sved, Aitara Sved, Mary Chapman, April Wagner, April Mae, Tara Mansfield, Marcus Quiniones, Yvette Richards, Darren Miller, Capoeira Besouro Hawaii, Mario Nanguse, Norbert Larsen, Cocoa Chandellier, Summer Partlon, Malia Oliver, Malia Yamamoto, KK, Chase Ren Kaminaka, Ehulani Kane, Starr Kalahiki, Doug Floyd, Brett Fovargue, Amanda Furgiuele, Julie Harris, Gabriel Kapuni Goes, Erszi Palko, Alana Cole-Faber, Dora Choy, Carissa Lowe, Sarah Modisette, Fabe Gin, Wainani Hansen, Jamie Nakama, Tracy Thorstad, Audrey Moreland, Ana Prada, Chayton Davenport, Kat Eilers, Michael Lemes

PHOTO Credits - Sergio Goes, Paulo Mendes, Kaveh Kardan, Andrea Torres, Chris Mcdonough, Darren Miller, Twain Newhart, Joe Marquez, Amber Crago, Luis Silos, Raymond Silos, Easter-Lily Smith

Videographer - Gabe Cabagbag, Lisa Altieri

Supported by - BOCA Hawaii, Spa Pure, The Artzone Hawaii, Paradise Televisions,

...embracing all. past and future into the now...


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