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Please make a payment to reserve your spot.
Find your class and select the corresponding payment option.
Please make sure to send an email to info@samadhihawaii with the class/date/time you are registering for.

If you prefer to pay in person at the studio, please send an email to info@SamadhiHawaii.com with the following information:


Refund Policy: Cancellations received less than 48 hours before the start of the class session or single class do not qualify for a refund.
If a purchase is cancelled more than 48 hours prior to the start of the class session or single class, 75% of the purchase amount will be refunded.

Please email info@samadhihawaii.com the class you are signing up for after pay.
(Although we welcome drop-ins to most of our classes, it is highly recommended to secure a spot in class with a payment. If a class has zero students registered with a payment, the teacher has the option to cancel class within 24 hours)

Aerial Fun for Little Ones: 1 hour

Aerial Fun: (Sunday 10:00am)
Aerial Fun: (Friday 3:30pm)
$25 for one class
$94 for 4 classes

Price Options

Aerial Appetizer

Aerial Appetizer: (Friday 6:00pm)
$27 single class
$102 for 4 classes

Price Options

Beginning Level (Foundations) Classes: 1 hour 15 minutes

Kids Foundations: (Friday 4:30pm)
Kids Foundations: (Saturday 12:15pm) Class Full
Preteen Foundations: (Friday 5:00pm)
Trapeze/Ring Foundations: (Saturday 11:00am)
Tissu Foundations: (Saturday 9:30am)
Tissu Foundations: (Wednesday 6:15pm)
Rope Foundations: (Sunday 3:15pm)
$30 single class
$114 for 4 classes

Price Options

Continuing Level
Aerial Classes: 1 hour 30 minutes

Kids I/II: (Wednesday 2:45pm)
Kids II/III: (Wednesday 2:45pm)
Kids II/III: (Friday 3:45pm)
Preteen I: (Sunday 1:15pm)
Preteen II/III: (Saturday 11:00am)
Mixed Level Ring (Level I+): (Sunday 11:45am)
Mixed Level Tissu (level II+): (Saturday 12:30pm)
Mixed Level Rope: (Wednesday 6:45pm)
Trapeze III: (Wednesday 5:45pm)
Trapeze IV/V: (Monday 8:00pm)
Tissu I: (Monday 6:15pm)
Tissu I: (Saturday 9:30am)
Tissu II: (Sunday 2:15pm)
Tissu II: (Monday 5:30pm)
Tissu III/IV: (Sunday 4:30pm)
Tissu IV: (Monday 6:15pm)
Tissu V: (Wednesday 1:00pm)
$35 single class
$134 for 4 classes

Price Options

Monthly Fee Classes:

Youth Prep Team: (Saturday 2:00pm)
$220 per month

Youth Performance: (Saturday 2:00pm)
$270 per month

Teen Apprentice Company: (Saturday 3:00pm)
$280 per month

Adult Apprentice Company: (Saturday 4:30pm)
$270 per month

Price Options