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Samadhi Hawaii Classes are held at Boca Hawaii, 330 Cooke Street - Google Map

Classes are held at Boca Hawaii, 330 Cooke Street, 2nd Floor. If the door is locked, please ring the doorbell and someone will be down shortly to let you in (if no one comes down, please call 808-683-6080).

Please park in the metered stalls on the street or at the park when the shop is open (11:30am-6:00pm). Just a reminder that the parking on Cooke Street is a tow away zone from 3:30pm to 6:00pm.  DO NOT PARK IN THE FURNITURE LOT OR OFFICE DEPOT PARKING AT ANY TIME!  If you cannot find street parking, there is parking in the SALT parking structure - remember to purchase something at one of their shops and ask for a validation for a discount on parking longer than 1 hour. (http://www.saltatkakaako.com/about/parking/)

Be on time! Warm-up is important! Also remember that there are only short breaks between classes for the instructors to take care of business so students should only be on the apparatuses during class time with instructor's supervision.

Also, if you are watching a class please be respectful and keep talking to a minimum. Please take phone calls downstairs or in the bathroom hall. If you have little ones, please help the students stay focused by keeping an eye on them or taking them outside.

Fitted clothing that covers the knees, torso, and armpits is required. Please refrain from wearing jewelry or zippers that can tear holes in our apparatus. Please keep fingernails and toenails neatly manicured to keep our tissues hole-free. If a class is cancelled, we will attempt to contact you through e-mails and it will be posted on the website. Please feel free to call (808)683-6080 with any questions. E-mail info@samadhihawaii.com if you are not going to make-it to class.

Class packages apply to only that specific day and time. Single classes purchased will apply to only the specific day and time that the student has signed up for. Remember, when you sign up and pay for a class or session, you are reserving one of only a few spots in that class.

Because we would like to maintain the quality of our classes, make-ups are not allowed. We do offer a few package options. If you purchase a smaller package of classes and would like to attend remaining classes, you will need to pay the single class price for those classes.If you are not sure you can commit to the entire session, you may pay the single class rate as long as there is space in the class.

Purchasing classes ahead of time is recommended to guarantee your spot in class. If you are unsure of your schedule and there is space in the class, you may pay upon arrival to class.

Refund Policy for Single Classes, Session Classes, Private Lessons, and Workshops:Cancellations received less than 48 hours before the start of the class session or single class purchased do not qualify for a refund. If a purchase is cancelled more than 48 hours prior to the start of the class session or single class purchased, 75% of the purchase amount will be refunded. 

Refund Policy for On-Going Classes: Unactivated Conditioning/Open Gym class cards do not expire. Once a Conditioning/Open Gym class card has been activated, there will be no refunds or extensions. Purchased, unactivated Conditioning/Open Gym class cards are eligible to be used for 100% credit or can be refunded 25%.


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