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What a fun and energizing Sunday morning workout!

Samadhi HI is located in Kaka'ako above BOCA and was a great space to be introduced to. We started out on the floor with lots of core work and some warm up poses. Thank you to Milly for being a great partner!

Then we got to get up on the silks. We all got to go upside down and experience that awesome feeling of supported weightlessness. But we were not done! Then we tried climbing up the silks. That was way more challenging for me and it was something new! I felt really supported (haha- no pun intended!) by my fellow yelpers and the awesome staff of Samadhi. They were there to spot us, encourage us and make sure that we got the technicalities of aerial correct. I felt very safe- even 5 feet off the floor!

It really was a full body workout and it was fun at the same time! I am definitely a little sore today after YKB: Island Club and Spa and this event in the past 24 hours! As we were wrapping the event up, Jamba Juice showed up! Imagine our delight when they started setting out complimentary kale smoothies.... they hit the spot and it was such a thoughtful touch by the yelp team. 

Thanks so much to the yelp team of Maka, Emi, Cathy and Alli for a new and exciting experience and another kick-butt event!

by Meg M.


Mahalo Nui Loa to Yelp, Andrea Torres and the Samadhi Team for an awesome introduction to the world of aerial performance. These pros make it look graceful and easy, but in real life climbing the silks and holding/controlling a pose is a full body workout with an adrenaline kick!

We started the 2 hour class with stretches and core exercises to get us ready, then transitioned to the mats and working with the silks. Andrea does a great job demonstrating and explaining proper technique, then a pro assists/spots you to ensure you are safe and to help you complete the exercise. Soon you will be flipping, spinning, and having a great time.

If you ever had dreams of performing with Cirque Du Soleil or are looking for a great workout that combines strength, flexibility, artistry, and hanging out a couple stories off the ground, you need to check out Samadhi. Visit samadhihawaii.com for information about classes and upcoming performances.

by Lori L.


Dance in Hawaii has evolved from its traditional origins of Hula into a hypnotic array of styles and technique displayed in theaters across the islands.

But if you take away the stage and lift the dancers 20 to 30 Ft above the ground what is created is a harmony of grace, balance and motion as unique as Hawaii itself.

It is called Aerial Dance, where performers hang, swing, spiral and wrap their bodies in an amazing display of athleticism and fearlessness. With no safety lines, performers must rely on their training and skills to ensure their safety and dazzle their audience from the sky.

It is the kind of show you might expect to find as part of Cirque du Soleil, but on Oahu and Maui the glitz of the stage has been replaced by the power of NATURE as Hawaii's only acrobatic troupe, Samadhi Hawaii takes the aerial arts outside.

"Dancing on Air" - Maui Travel Channel



It's an exciting way to work out, taking to the air and letting the spirit soar.

Honolulu Advertiser



"what if..." Samdahi Performing Arts Summer Experience 2010


"what if..."

did exactly that... it planted a seed of possibilities (What ifs) in my son's head.

I know that It will grow into amazing colorful expression throughout the rest of his life.

Chase was sad that it had to end...... but I told him every ending is really a new beginning.....




"what if..."

summer program was the most amazing and perfect program for my daughter. Always a natural climber, dancer and gymnast, her confidence was badly shaken after a sudden illness that hospitalized her and then resulted in a slow recovery. The aerial dance and capoeira was the perfect combination to help her regain her mental focus and physical strength. The music---chanting and singing, as well as the theatrical component helped her to re connect with her creative and artistic side. She is once again the self-confident,strong and joyful girl she was before. We have honored her passion for aerial dance and feel so fortunate to have Andrea and the Samadhi team here making this beautiful artform available on the islands to us. My many thanks to the entire "what if..." team: andrea, john, lorenzo, nicole, jamie, and others for making this summer a most unforgettable one!






"what if..."

I first experienced Samadhi Hawaii at their 2008 showcase. I had just begun living on Oahu full-time, and was coming to better understand the dynamics of this urban concentration in the middle of the ocean. This island's cultural mosaic brings together international, local and indigenous elements expressed at many levels: in Asian-influenced popular culture, world class dining, Chinatown during any First Friday, and the vinyl graphics people decorate their cars with. Seeing Samadhi at that event, and many times thereafter at various festivals and performances on Oahu added a whole other dimension to my experience.

If before I left San Francisco you had asked me: "What if your son participated in an ambitious artistic performance experiment that combined Cirque du Soleil, Hip-hop dance, Hawaiian music, chant and song, plus local kine talk story vaudeville?" I would have laughed at the possibility of such an thing in Hawaii… but I would have also been intrigued. Luckily my son was so impressed by troupe member Jamie Nakama's aerial work at the showcase that he began training with Samadhi. When Artistic Director Andrea Torres announced that she was going to develop a summer prototype of her dream performance art school, we were all aboard!

Contemporary Hawaii is a simultaneously fragile and resilient place. Though almost exclusively dependent on the outside world for its survival, it is nourished from within by a profound respect for nature, the human body, and organic social networks. It's appropriate that Samadhi would operate above a triathlon and multi-sport outfitter and trainer, be connected to a dense knot of mid-Pacific Brazilian culture, and marries the desire to run away with the circus to the deeply personal connections that develop in a halau.

Every day for a month during the summer of 2010 a group of local children and young adults trooped into BOCA Hawaii, past the bikes, shoes and nutritional supplements. They climbed stairs lined with images of local athletes and press clippings featuring their instructors at various performances, and emerged into a space that is also home to Capoiera Besuro. There they met with the "What if…" instructors: Andrea Torres (silks), Jamie Nakama (capoeira), Nicole Young (trapeze), John Signor (music), Lorenzo Perillo (Hip-hop performance), and Tara Campehos (drama).

Thanks to a universal teaching approach that emphasized collaboration and personal expression, four weeks later everyone in this diverse bunch would find their niche. But not before having gotten a taste of everything that the program had to offer. They went in as young people but came out as cats, camels, trapeze artists, rappers, silk climbers, dancers, comedians, stick fighters, singers, and players. The "What If…" troupe learned problem-solving, collaboration, negotiation, respect for a director's vision and each other, new creative expressions of the body and voice, and the critical (seemingly unlikely) pairing of trust and improvisation.

For there was no script in the beginning! Only the delicate balance between a teacher's experience, what students were showing themselves to be capable of, and the structure of a show in the end. The "script" would evolve and unfold, developing more like a coral reef than a planned community. This should be understood as contrasting strongly with a traditional educational model which, through its rigors and standards therefore presents no risk, few questions, and rarely that of "What if…" That the students built their show from the ground up is a testament to the quality of the workshop teachers themselves, and a demonstration that young people are not entirely helpless in the face of disciplined improvisation.

For the dynamic interdisciplinary approach of the "What If…" troupe and teachers almost perfectly exemplifies the skills expected for success in college and the professional world. Fortunately there's something deeper operating her. Hawaii's resilience and fragility is connected to its people, and I believe that when the inevitable shortages and cut-offs begin, the people of this state will turn to each other for support. Our children were fortunate enough to participate in an investment in our future. Because "when the lights go out," and we can no longer rely on our phones, televisions and chain restaurant menus to create community, it is they who will not only entertain us, but sustain us.

Samadhi has given us a tremendous gift, a gift of survival rooted in aspects of the planet's great traditions, and it is not one of dogma or ideology. It is a gift that encourages each of them to look within themselves for the ability to build something new out of bits and pieces of what exists, to know that their bodies – not cars or computers - are the laboratory for this new alchemy.

Enjoy this program, because it is literally just the beginning.

David Goldberg