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Samadhi Hawaii Youth Company:

3rd year in the Samadhi Hawaii Youth Company

Justise decided to take aerial classes because her friend Kiriana encouraged her to. She loves learning drops on her favorite apparatus, the silk. Her favorite acrobatic move is four steps. She feels that performing with Samadhi Hawaii is a gift and it is her favorite thing to do because it feels like flying. Her other hobbies include playing the violin and spending time with friends.

Anuhea is her favorite musician. When she grows up, Justise would like to keep performing with Samadhi Hawaii and become a doctor. Mrs. Nicole is her role model because she performs so beautifully and she pushes all her students to become better performers.

2nd year in the Samadhi Hawaii Youth Company

Hikari was inspired by a friend in the Youth Company to try aerial lessons at Samadhi in 2013; she had so much fun, she decided to work extra hard in classes to audition the following year.  Her apparatus of choice is the silk because it is the least painful and there are a lot of exciting drops to learn, her favorite being the no-handed backpack sequence.  The basket toss is the acrobatic skill she enjoys the most because there is a moment of free falling.  Hikari also enjoys surfing, skateboarding, and doing art.  She aspires to be a pro surfer when she grows up.

2nd year in the Samadhi Hawaii Youth Company

Aiko began taking Samadhi classes when she was six years old. Her favorite apparatus is the hammock, and (after overcoming her initial fear) she loves the drops. Her favorite acrobatic event is the human jump rope wherein she acts as the rope.

Aiko’s other passion is gymnastics, and she particularly loves competing, having already participated in four meets. Her favorite event is the bars, though she loves cartwheeling and demonstrating her floor routine.

When she’s not in the studio or the gym, she’s lounging with her books and playing with her cats. Her favorite authors are Kate DiCamillo, Nick Bruel, Rick Riordan, Dav Pilkey, Raina Telgemeier, Brian Selznick, and Lemony Snicket to name a few.

Aiko’s inspiration is Kacy Catanzaro, the first woman on American Ninja Warrior to compete in the finals, She one day hopes to be a versatile athlete like that. Being the youngest member of the Youth Company, Aiko looks up to the other girls as her role models because they’re so talented and graceful.

Aiko aspires to grow up to be a gymnastics coach, aerial instructor, and to complete the course on American Ninja Warrior.

2nd year in the Samadhi Hawaii Youth Company

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